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Is a project about a lonely road. A road where you
the viewer are the last one awake, the last one to see the night.
A moment of stillness, all around you fades to a haze

and you are lost to the midnight summer breeze

A strange world, stuck, lingering in the present.
Empty cars await their drivers, empty buildings
await their occupants. Spirits drift in and out of
the night air.

What is happening here?

6969 Editions

Each element found in Midnight Breeze has been
hand-painted in a 90's anime aesthetic coupled with
the Dutchtide tone and flair.

130 different assets with each their own story
to tell.

Each Midnight Breeze that is generated comes
banner/wallpaper compatible, think of twitter,
discord or any NFT platform.

Transparency of Funds

ETH 1 = USD 4000
6969 editions x ETH 0.069 = ETH 476,1
(USD 2.0MM)

20% of Profits
Split between Dev and Dutchtide

ETH 47.61 per person
Additional bonus payments to those who have helped
Midnight Breeze will be made

20% of Profits to Taxes

ETH 95.22

40% of Profits
Development of TideEstates

ETH 190.44
TideEstates is the main project by Dutchtide
and will revolutionize the market through the creation of interactive apartments.
More to be announced.

20% of Profits
Development of Midnight Breeze V2 Animated Series

ETH 95.22
Cost includes hiring a team of animators and developers.

Who am I ?

Dutchtide is an independent artist bringing Japan and the
Netherlands together under the Dutchtide brand.

Each Illustration focuses on the Japanese word Ma 間,
which translates to "space" but can be interpreted many different ways.
In this case to, space in-between spaces.

Midnight Breeze is a seed round project which will help
kickstart my long-term project TideEstates
as well as Midnight Breeze V2.

Tide Estates has been in development since October 2020 and
will be able to go into full production after a
succesfull launch of Midnight Breeze.

A sincere thanks and credit to the following people
who have contributed to the Midnight Breeze project:

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for the hard work on the backend and being there from the start.


for his beautiful inspirational character work.


for his unique contribution on the backgrounds.


for her incredible drive and sharpness making this amazing website.


for his dedicated work on the discord server.


for supporting me through this journey for the past 8 years.

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